Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of late...

I started my new job.  It's pretty sweet.  Everyone is super nice and I only work five hours a day...but even on the occassional day I have to work eight hours, it flies by fast.  Mostly because I bring a book to read--I've read 3 1/2 books since Wednesday.  I am loving it. =]  There's real work too, like answering the phone and transfering calls, filing things, taking care of the mail, etc.  But nothing too bad.  Some people may find receptionist duties beneath them, but for right now, I am digging the mediocrity.  It's nice to just let my brain relax and remember why I love reading. 

Our apartment is the bomb.com, especially compared to our dinky place we were living in Wymount.  Pictures to come.  Whenever I remember to take them.

I still don't really have any friends, but Dan and I got invited to a dinner party for tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be in an outgoing/social mood and fix this friend situation.

Important/Awesome news:  I'm going to visit my family in three weeks! 

Fall finally decided to join us here in sunny southern California.  This is a good thing seeing as fall is my favorite, favorite season.  I'm a little sad I won't being seeing the leaves change colors this year, but I have palm trees.  So neener-neener-neener.

I miss everyone a million times a billion to infinity and beyond.


Autumn Lynn said...

I am glad you have something to fill your time now. There is nothing worse than not knowing anyone and having so much time.

You should read The Peacegiver...it's one of my favorite church easy reads. I have some others I really like too I should think of

7carrs said...

Hey I think you may get some fall color when you are here :) getting psyched for your visit!

Katherine Beard said...

I MISS YOU!!! ok ill stop stalking... maybe.