Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall is my favorite.

Here are two reasons why:
Pumpkins.  I love pumpkins.  They are so fun, all the time.  Growing them is fun, pumpkin patches are fun, placing them around your house is fun, carving jack-o-lanterns is fun, plus, they smell and taste delicious (escpecially when in pumpkin chocolate chip bread!)
Also, pumpkin seeds.  My mom used to make these every year after we carved our pumpkins.  I guess she stopped doing it after I moved out, cuz it was too much work and not enough people were eating them.  So, I decided to make some myself:

Pumpkin Seeds

Leaves.  I can never get over how amazing leaves look in technicolor.  I am in love with color; I feel like I can get drunk on it sometimes. That is why when I saw my little baby brother and his friends doing this craft, I knew I had to try it out.




Autumn Lynn said...

That's a fun craft idea! So pretty. I think you're having fun with your camera too :) The leaves there are brighter than they are here now.

Lisa said...

Is that contact paper?? I love it!