Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have a problem.

It's called, "I never remember to take pictures."  This may stem from the fact that every time I pull out the camera, Dan groans in pain.  Dan isn't a fan of pictures.  Which is really a shame, because I love them.  Plus, I need to put my new camera to good use.  Oh well.  Maybe next time we have a fun Sunday dinner party I will take pictures.  We had a lot of fun tonight with the Stephens and the Lukers.  I'm so grateful that we're able to have such good friends we can spend time with.  I love having people over on Sunday.  Maybe having a full house and gigantic quantities of food reminds me of home, but I think I also like spending the day with the people the Lord has blessed my life with.  It helps me to truly appreciate all the other things I have.  And that's important this time of year.  Yay, gratitude.

In other news, I almost got out the Christmas decorations yesterday after going to Kohl's and seeing all the cute decorations there.  I am, however, a firm believer in letting Thanksgiving have it's hay-day before bringing in Christmas.  But I'm getting anxious here.  I love Christmas!!!  It's ok though, we don't even have a tree yet.  But we will.  Soon.  And I can't wait!

P.S. Lyse, I made Cafe Rio Salads for today and it made me miss you, because I feel like everytime we made those it was with you and Zach!

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lyse. said...

This brakes my heart. lauren. come back to provo. and while your at it bring the snow (family and the weather), and zach too.

I'm so glad that you have adorable little married friends though! And you cook for them! Precious! but take pictures... ignore danny's whining.