Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today at work.

There is a lady I work with named Cheryl.  She is really nice, and she just got engaged a few weeks ago.  She's really excited and happy (obviously).  Today I asked her if they'd started planning their wedding, and I found out a few things: a) that they're just going to have a small wedding and b) this is her second marriage.  She said something that I thought was really important, and something I want to scream at the brides on all those TLC shows.  "I already had a wedding, but I didn't have a marriage.  I'd rather have the marriage this time."
Another thing I learned about Cheryl today--she is super smart.

I am glad I have a job, and I am glad I have such a great hubby.


brighton said...

you're cute lauren, i miss you. i also like that word of advice.

Autumn Lynn said...

I have thought about that a lot since I have been engaged, especially since a girl in my ward told me: "You have been waiting your whole life to plan a wedding." The comment kind of was weird to me because I haven't, but I have been preparing for a marriage.