Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can we just talk for a minute...

About all the modesty at the Golden Globes?  I was seriously floored by all the sleeves/lack of major cleavage on some of these gowns.  They make me wish we had a prom for grown-ups so I could wear them.  Except I probably don't have the bod to pull them off.

Sandra Bullock.  I just realized this dress is one-shouldered, but pretend it has sleeves on both sides, because I really like it.

Angelina Jolie.  She kind of looks like a skeleton in this, but I like the color.

I really like this one.

The top's a little low, but it's Hollywood, I'll take what I can get.

Obviously this is a little too "booby" to really be modest, but I love Scarlett and this dress is like a dream.
Maybe I should start my fashion blog again, now that I actually have time for it and stuff.


Mandy Stephens said...

Modest is Hottest!

7carrs said...

didn't watch but how cool is that?

Katherine Beard said...

OMG i can totally see you wearing the one the blonde girl is wearing that you labeled "love it"!!!!! I was so impressed by it too. We need to have more big girl grown up dress up events.... Why should children and celebs be the only ones that get to play dress up!!!!

7carrs said...

you should see Hope's prom dress- it is so beautiful and elegant! Plum colored, simple. You will love it.