Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's take the yacht up the coast for the weekend, dahhhling.

Yachts always make me think of snobby, rich people.  Obviously not all people who own yachts are snobby, but you can bet your patooty that they're loaded.  Maybe someday Dan and I could own one, but I think I'd rather travel.

On Saturday, we went with some of the other dental students on a tour of the Newport Beach harbor.  Orange County is so much nicer than LA.  If we do end up living in Cali permanently, I am all about the OC. 
Also, don't you love that this JANUARY weather??  So perfect.

This guy really likes cheetos.

There were the prettiest waterfront homes in the whole entire world.

Sea Lions!

I may have gotten a few more freckles on this trip.

SUPER attractive, I know.

These guys were cruisin'

Happy Day!

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robertandsharon said...

Beautiful pictures and it was beautiful in Orange Co and San Diego last weekend. We flew in for a funeral and enjoyed the great weather - quite opposite of what we are experiencing here in Utah.