Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Queen's Residence

My sophomore year of college, I introduced my roomies to the wonderful place known as my Grammie's apartment.  Grammie's home is always full of sweets, good smells, and lots of love.  Plus a big screen tv to watch all your favorite tv shows and chic flicks.  Also, she lives right across the street from temple square, and really close the Gateway Mall.  Essentially, this is a college girl's paradise.
But most importantly, Grammie herself is basically the most fabulous woman you will ever meet.  After our first, (or maybe our second) weekend get-away to Grammie's, my roommates bestowed upon her the nickname: The Queen.  It's just stuck, because Grammie lives up to it so well.  She's one of the few people we would clean our apartment for if she came to visit, because we wanted her to see us in the best possible light.
Naturally, spending Christmas with the Queen is something my family loves to do.  Grammie loves us all so much, she even delayed her own Christmas dinner just to have it with all of us on Sunday.  So benevolent!  Here's some of the pics from all the reveling that took place.

The grown-up table.

You just don't ask questions with this one...

My model sister.

Our cousin, Amanda.

My brother.  This picture cracks me up.

My fahjah.

The Queen herself!!

Jack is such a goober.

Ti wanted a fez for Christmas...

Jack opening his present from us.

He liked it.  We're awesome.

Grammie got Dan this army hamster in honor of his scholarship. =]


Renee (and Eric) said...

Long live the Queen! Love it.

7carrs said...

Hip hip hoorah for the queen of Christmas!
Just to let you know- Jack LOVES his trucks- it has been hard some days to get him to leave the apartment he has had such fun playing with them. He has made bridges and roads all over the living room for them!

robertandsharon said...

I'm taking a bow to my wonderful family! Love you all! You make the queen very happy!