Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 12

Don't judge me, I haven't written a poem in I really don't know how long, and I'm not that great a poet to begin with.  This doesn't quite flow, so just think of it as a rough draft.

"Listen to this song; it'll change your life."
So began a teenage romance, sitting on a trampoline.
Iron & Wine streamed through his headphones into my ears,
And I thought I knew what it was to fall in love.
I thought I knew.

Three months later Ifound myself far from home,
Far from him and that trampoline, far from my coastal city.
Yet I stared around me in amazement at my luck.
I thought being there was falling in love.
I thought being there was.

Fast foward a year and I stand on the precipice
Between childhood and adulthood.  Cue the man
Not quite ready to leave childhood, and not quite time enough.
I thought running out of time was love.
I thought I was running out of time.

A little older, I thougth I was a little wiser.
But I was still a silly girl, easily flattered, easily swayed.
A boy from my past, grown into a man, filled an ache.
I thought fleeting moments were love.
I thought love was fleeting.

I was scared of commitment, scared of life.
Then you strolled in: confident, happy, and always laughing.
Sometimes life gives you straight up lemonade.
Laughing with you was falling in love.
Love is laughter.

Marriage is a long time, and sometimes daunting.
You like sports, I like clothes; You want comedy, I want drama.
A list of never-ending differences--but white complements black
And I think love is two pieces making a whole.
Love is me and you.

30 Days of Blogging.


Autumn said...

I love the last two lines of every stanza. This is my favorite.

robertandsharon said...

I like it...

Renee (and Eric) said...

Very, very nice. And sweet. And just in time for Valentine's.