Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Days 27 and 28

Sorry I missed yesterday, it was a bit crazy over here (in a good, lots-of-fun sort of way)!

Day 27: My day job vs. my passion.

During the day, I answer telephones.  I smile at people.  I scan a lot of things.  Sometimes I file.  It's far from anyone's dream job, but I am grateful to have it.

My passion is literature.  Talking about it, learning about it, and creating it.  I get so excited when I see a clean page, waithing for me to make its mark, or when I hear the sound of my keys click-clacking away as I type something new.  I've mentioned my book a few times.  I don't know if it really deserves to be called that yet.  It's a few pages, if that.  All random scenes that have come at different times since I started it in 2007--maybe 2008?  It's about growing up--how original, I know, a coming of age story!  But I think there's a reason we keep coming back to that plot.  We've all had to grow up at some point, and I think we're all constantly growing and learning.  I think that novels are a way that help us to see that there's a point to all those "character-building" experiences we go through.  That at some point, we emerge a complete, whole human being--or at least a little closer to becoming a complete, whole human being.  We're all works in progress, and it's comforting to us to see that echoed in the written word.  That's just my opinion.
Honestly, my book is not the greatest (although my old roommates beg to differ), but maybe with a few edits, a lot of work, and probably some tears, I'll end up with a complete, finished novel.  We'll see. 

Day 28: cruise a thesaurus and pick out ten words I like the sound of

1. aplomb
2. debauchery
3. effulgence
4. foozle
5. invective
6. oscillation
7. percolate
8. precocious
10.  whippersnapper

30 Days of Blogging

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