Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 26

I can't believe I'm so close to finishing this 30 Days challenge.  Where did February go again?  What was I even doing this last month?  Who knows.

10 things I am thankful for:

1. My husband.  I lucked out in this department, seriously.  I can't say it enough.
2. My Savior.  Always there for me, even after I ignore Him.  And always with open arms and a way back.
3. My "goodly parents."  Thanks Mom and Dad!  My parents are the, if you haven't picked up on that yet.  While we're on this topic, we'll throw my Grammie in here too, because she phenom.  (Yeah, I just abbreviated phenomenal.  It's ok.)
4. My kindred spirits.  Ellen, my old roomies, both the C/Katherines, and Miss Lyse.  My husband is in this list too, but I already mentioned him.
5. Music, art, literature, fashion, CULTURE, and the history of it.  I love the creative capabilities of the human spirit.
6. My job.  It's nice to have an income, something to do during the day, and wonderfully pleasant people to work with.
7. For the beauty of the earth.  For the sky and the beach and the smell after it rains.  For Spanish moss hanging from trees, long roads to nowhere, and weeping willows.  For mountains and grassy fields and ...DOUBLE RAINBOWS ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY.
8. For indoor plumbing.  Not even joking.  I know I reminisce and and wish I lived in a different time period, but this is one thing I'm not willing to give up.
9. For my college education.  Even though it didn't really land me a career.  It was worth it.
10. For people who care about what I have to say.  Maybe you find me inspiring, maybe I make you laugh, or maybe you just feel like saying the same things and you're glad someone agrees with you.

Obviously this list isn't very comprehensive, but there's my ten.  Goodnight friends.

30 Days of Blogging.


robertandsharon said...

Thanks for putting me in you.

Lyse said...

I'm making "phenom" my new word. Seriously. I'm stealing it from you. Also I love that I got mentioned! Ah, I just love you Lauren! Kindred's for Life. Just like Anne and Diana. (and because we are kindreds I know you get that). Also, I watched the game tonight with jimmer and it was fun but i really wished i was watching it with you and danny on that terrible little couch in the Heritage for the Sexually Active (ie married). And talking about Interior design. So many good times!