Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love and Some Verses

Valentine's Day was just perfect yesterday.  It was my turn to plan it this year, so excuse me while I toot my own horn.

Meet my Valentine's socks!

I woke up early to make Dan breakfast.  I was a little nervous, because I was making Abelskeivers, which I've never done before.  But they turned out alright--I just need to remember that the recipe makes enough for like five people even when you half it...
Abelskeivers are basically what our friend Katherine used to call "Pancake Puppies."  They're like a fluffy pancake ball.  You bake them in a special cast-iron pan, and then eat them with whatever toppings you'd like: fruit and whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate, syrup, the list is infinite.  We just had a cinnamon-sugar butter sauce.  They were pretty tasty.
In the oven!

I basically take any excuse to eat on our fine china.  I love it.
After breakfast, Danny brought me my present...SEE'S CANDY!
So beautiful...
But it's the inside that counts...
 If you don't know, my family has a genetic love of See's candy.  We have it at major family events, we give it as gifts, and my Grammie almost always has a box at her house.  Dan knows this and he even proposed with a box of See's.  Smart boy. =]

After work, I got part two of my present, because these puppies were waiting for me on the table!


 For dinner, we made a pizza!  Heart-shaped, of course.  It was pretty delish.  We also enjoyed the pizza on our fine china.  Dan found it funny we were eating a finger food on our nice dishes, but he finds everything funny.  Personally, I think pizza, china, and candlelight are the perfect equation for romance.

 After dinner, we watched Top Gun.  (It's one of Dan's favorites).  Then came another special surprise from me...drumroll...HOMEMADE ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE.    I'm the greatest at Valentine's, especially if your goal is to gain ten pounds in one day.

I love being married.
Dan said last night that this was his best Valentine's ever. That's probably not saying much, seeing how last Valentine's Day was the first one either of us had someone to share it with, but still.  I'll take whatever compliments I can get. =]

This is our "Piano of Love." It's got all our gifts and cards.  So presh.


robertandsharon said...

Ain't love grand? And I noticed that box of See's was filled with your favs...btw - we are going to Florida with the family, too.

7carrs said...

very well done! Maybe that is what Dad and I need to do- take turns planning the day :)