Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Days 15 and 16

In the midst of all the Valentine's excitement yesterday, I forgot to post for 30 Days.  Oh well, today you get two thrilling posts.  I think it's ok, because Day 16 is just a picture.

Day 15 (first ten songs to come on shuffle).
What You Thought You Need--Jack Johnson
In City Transit--Canoe
Bright Smile--Josh Ritter
Dance Hall--Modest Mouse
I Am Fred Astaire--Taking Back Sunday
My Heroine--Silverstein
Baby We're Invincible--Rocket to the Moon
Song for the Fireflies--Josh Ritter
The Takedown--Yellowcard
Lucky Charms--The Moldy Peaches

I was relieved there was nothing too embarrassing, other than a band or two I haven't really listened to since high school.

And Day 16 ( a picture of myself)
Senior Year of High school
Fun Story about this picture:  This used to be my myspace profile pic back in the day (it was to show off my sweet new haircut).  Well, unbeknowst to me, my future roommates were stalking me on Myspace, and took one look at this picture and were like, "wow, this girl looks like a jerk!"  And they were all scared that I was going to be some snotty, annoying girl or something like that.  Which they probably thought I was at first, because I was a punk the beginning of freshman year and was like hardly ever at home because I was too busy off galavanting with boys to be concerned with the basics of college...like getting to know my roommates.  However, once I did start to get to know them, it was clear that we were all a match made in heaven, and we're all still BFF's.  My point is, don't judge me by my vain high school pictures.  Obvs I'm a ton more fun than this pic would lead you to believe.

30 Days of Blogging.

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Lisa said...

I saw this picture and was like, "I'm gonna comment about how I thought she looked so mean when I saw it on myspace!" AND THEN YOU SAID IT.
Also, irony, Kaleb is sitting 3 computers down from me. Don't remember if I told you or not but I trained him at work.
Oh I love you.