Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Years ago today:

 (This post is dedicated to two of the people I love the most.)

It was Katherine's birthday.  We went over to our friends' for her "birthday surprise."  It was Christian who, "didn't know how else to wrap his heart."  I thought watching Christian jump out of Christmas wrapping paper would be the highlight of my day.

But then we went home, where Katie had made Katherine a cake.  Two boys came over and had some cake with us.  I'd met Carter a few times before, but the other I didn't know.  Did he really keep glancing at me, or was I just imagining things? If he was glancing, I probably turned away and blushed.  I'm incredibly shy, and something about him made me nervous.  He was wearing a vintage BYU sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and a winning smile.  He was funny, friendly, and I thought there was no way he could ever like me.  He talked about how he had peed in the JFSB parking lot a few weeks ago, and I thought, "Man, what a rebel."  I thought he was cute, cool, hip, awesome, funny, intelligent, and I didn't have a chance.  I tried to play it cool, to subtly ask my friends his name, and maybe I succeeded in looking like my insides weren't bubbling up with butterflies.  Or maybe everyone saw right through it and I was acting like a little girl with a schoolyard crush.

Turns out I got the best present on Katherine's 20th birthday.  (No offense, Christian.)

So here's to the girl who was the best roommate I've ever had, who can make me laugh for hours, but will still have a meaningful conversation with me.  The girl who knows how to build me up when I feel like giving up, who understands that sometimes, all we need is a little (or a lot) of chocolate; to the prettiest ballerina the world has ever seen, commander of the world's sharpest wit, and possesor of the world's greatest clothes.  My baby boo, Katherine.  Thanks for all the good times, for being there for me, for introducing me to my hubby, for being the best third wheel the world has ever seen, and for being my BFF.
Happy Birthday.


The Smith's said...

Katherine really is the best 3rd wheel in the whole world :D

Autumn said...

That's such a cute way to meet :)