Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shout Out.

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing friend Lyse is currently on Study Abroad in London (for a few more days at least--so bittersweet).  She definitely has made the most of her time in Europe, going to (almost) every awesome country that continent has to offer, and falling in love with each of them.  As my pen pal, she has been very diligent sending me detailed letters and fantastic postcards.  But my favorite goodie came in the mail a few days ago.  A box of chocolates.  From Belgium, the birthplace of chocolate.

I have a slight love affair with chocolate.  I can't get enough of it.  And those Belgians, they really know what they're doing.  I haven't had the delight of eating a Belgian chocolate since I was in Belgium in 2006.  So this was a real treat.

And that's real friendship.

Unfortunately, there's only one piece left.  This isn't just because I was pigging out; I shared--with my coworker and my husband.  But in honor and memory of one of the greatest packages I have ever received, here is a picture of the last little guy.

He's a little beat-up, but he did travel a long way.

Good-bye little chocolate man.  You'll be gone by tomorrow.


Lyse said...

True friendship is dedicating blog posts to one another.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chocolates! I considered sending some to my parents, but I just knew they wouldn't appreciate them like you would (dont worry, i still sent them stuff).

robertandsharon said...

We toured a chocolate factory while in Bruges, Belgium and they gave us treats on the tour. It was fascinating and delicious.

7carrs said...

OK- now I need to go back to Belgium and tour the chocolate factory!