Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cali cool portraits, and old family photos can come back to haunt you.

This past weekend we took a quick trip down to Laguna Niguel to visit my aunt and uncle and my grandparents (they were visiting from Salt Lake).  I was sad we were only able to stay Friday night and Saturday morning, but we had such a great time--apparently it was so much fun I forgot to take pictures of any people.  Which is a real tragedy, because my cousins are about the cutest things in the world.  Oh well, I guess that means we'll just have to go down and visit another time.

I did manage to snag this picture of this really cool family portrait my aunt and uncle got for their 20th anniversary (2009).
I want one!
P.S. The temple is in the background on the right, but you can't really see it in this picture.

We spent the night watching TV, checking out the new blu-ray player, and catching up--all while chowing down on some delicious cookie bars and ice cream, courtesy of Aunt Cheryl.  But the highlight of the evening was my grammie unveiling her magnum opus: My Life Loved Living.  It's her life story, and we had a great time looking at all the pictures as we browsed through it.  I included some for your enjoyment.

I want that dress!

Turns out Grammie was a fox.

Trip to Israel.

My mom and her siblings growing up.

Mi madre.


My parents' wedding.

My first appearance!


Family Reunion in Hawaii

Mission numero 2--Public Affairs missionaries in England.

Last summer in St. George!
These pictures are such a great teaser, you probably want a copy now.  I know I can't wait to read mine cover to cover.  Grammie is "the Queen" and I love her to death.  I'm really so excited to learn more about her incredible life.  Yay for the Grammie girl!

Grammie and Grampie left early Saturday morning, so we just hung out at the house with my cousins and Cheryl and Robert.  Then we went to lunch at Cafe Rio!  Best decision ever!

The rest of the weekend has been pretty low key.  I finished my spring cleaning (YAY!!) and I taught the sunday school lesson today.  So that was nerve-wracking and I'm glad it's over, but it was a great class and they did most of the teaching.  This week I'm hosting book club, and next week is my much awaited vacay to Florida.  Life is good.


Autumn said...

I totally want to buy one now. Is she selling them? Those pictures are so amazing!

robertandsharon said...

What a surprise to see these pictures, etc. on your blog. Now your Mom and Eric can have a teaser of what is to come for them. I just hope everyone likes the was hard to choose what to write about and to try to get everything in - hence it is quite long! Love you and see you in FLORIDA!

7carrs said...

you would put the picture with the infamous cast on here! In my defense- I could not shower and it was the early 80s!

Lisa said...

I LOVE your mama's hair in that photo from 1985!!!! Haha amazing.

7carrs said...

Thanks Lisa- NOT!!! Totally bad coloring job! I usually had much more cutting edge hair!

Katherine said...

UMMM WOW now thats just tight... The queen just keeps getting more incredible and incredible!!! And she certainly was a"fox"!!!!!!!!!!!!