Monday, May 23, 2011

"If I lived on a farm, all my problems would be solved"

--Myself, freshman year of college.

This was something I exclaimed to my roommate after a hard, complicated day at school.  I was frustrated.  Frustrated with my life, with myself, with some of my friends, with my lack of discipline, with the world, with government, with the food industry, with the economy, with my own impatience—with just about everything.

Don’t misinterpret this statement.  It wasn’t a longing to shovel manure for the rest of my life.  Rather, it was a hope that maybe farm life would simplify some of these problems and great predicaments that had me feeling so trapped.  This thought has kept returning to me over the past weeks, and I realized that I kind of still feel this need to simplify, but more importantly, I have this increasing desire for self-reliance.  Perhaps I’m being melodramatic, but sometimes I feel like we’ve begun to lose that ability.  

I have a comprehensive and ever-growing list of what problems I could solve if I just lived on a farm, but I’ll spare you.  Just know that it includes things like better health, decreased dependence on technology, greater connection to God, law of the harvest, and world peace.  Just kidding about the last one, but you never know.

Obviously, this is completely idealistic of me.  There isn’t one solution to all my problems, or all the world’s problems.  We’re given trials here on earth because without them we wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t become any better than we are right now.  We’d be forever stagnant, with no potential to reach.  I’m incredibly grateful for the ability that we have to all be works in progress.

At the same time, why not reach for the gold and work to solve the many daunting problems that face us?  Just accepting the problems and issues in this world or in our daily lives as the way things are doesn’t allow for progression or growth either.  So what do you guys think?  What do you see as problems in the world today, and how do you plan on combating them?  Please tell me I’m not alone in my nerdy fantasies.

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Lisa said...

You sure as heck know you are not alone in your nerdy fantasies!! Ever since the day you exclaimed that to me, I've totally agreed with you haha. But I definitely think you're right on about how we'd be so much less dependent on THINGS if we lived on farms. I totally want to like have a huge garden and food storage and stuff when I have my own place.
And! Farm life is so much slower. We all totally need to slow down. I feel like those people appreciate the small things of life a whole heck of a lot more than we city-folk do haha...and that is one of my goals to SLOW DOWN. I love you!