Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jane Austen

She's more than just chic lit.  And that's what this book teaches you.  Written by a male English professor, he shows how Austen's books can pack a powerful punch when it comes to life lessons, and how to be a decent, sucessful human being.

This book is a fun, quick, and eye-opening read, providing not only insights into Austen's often belittled genius, but also in the importance of our daily interactions with others.  Extremely well-written and a delightful read, I gave it to both my moms for mother's day.  And I'd recommend it to you too.


The Cat Hag said...

This sounds like a delightful book. :)

The Cat Hag

7carrs said...

Totally have been loving it- sorta stopped reading for the weekend, so going to pick it up again today. You know I have always been a "Janeite":)