Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrumptious? Maybe.

There are certain foods that I eat--that I love, even though I know in my heart of hearts they are disgusting.  Health-wise and probably taste-wise to most people.  This thought came to me today as I was munching on my Cup O' Noodles (chicken flavor, naturally).  It's not like I eat them every day (I probably would have died from a heart attack by now if I did), but every time I do I'm always blown away by how delectable I find it.  I feel slightly guilty at enjoying my little cup, but I remember in middle school my friends and I loved sharing our cups full of noodles at lunch time, and it brings back memories.  And maybe that's why I still think they're delicious, even though maybe they're really not.

My other favorite guilty pleasure is Jack 'N the Box tacos.  They look slimy and greasy, and truth be told, they are.  But stick a pair of those puppies with some curly fries and an Oreo shake and I will gobble them up in no time.  I remember I once confessed this love to a boy I knew in college, and he replied, "Why would you eat that?  It's stoner food."  Perhaps, but my family got Jack 'N the Box at least once a month growing up, and we say don't knock it until you've tried it.  Don't judge this taco by its greasy shell, it holds a heaven within.  If you still can't stomach it, just get the shake.  You can't go wrong with the shake.  Plus Jack 'N the Box has the funniest commercials.  This is one of Dan's favorites:

Anybody else out there suffer from some horribly embarrassing guilty food pleasures?
P.S. As I was finishing this, my boss walked by and told me I should stay away from those Cups O' Noodles, they're full of nitrates and other bad stuff...but they're still good.  Amen.


Autumn said...

We all have our crap food of preference :)

Lisa said...

Ritz crackers with that nasty Cheese-Whiz stuff. Or however you spell it. I LOVE IT.

Garrett Steppat said...

Jack's Tacos are the best! If you ever think about buying something just think about the tacos. You can spend $10 on this trinket you found at a store, or you can get 20 jack in the box tacos!