Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on, Irene.

(I know the 80's one hit wonder is actually Come on Eileen, but work with me here.)

When you marry someone from the opposite side of the country, you're bound to experience some cultural differences. This morning the debate was: Which is worse--earthquakes or hurricanes?  I say earthquakes, because you have no warning, and I'm so terrified that an overpass is going to collapse during an earthquake while I'm driving over/under it.  (I saw that once in a video we watched in the 6th grade.)  Earthquakes scare the bejeezus out of me.  Dan on the other hand, can't understand why anyone would live where a such a monumental storm could happen.  He also pointed out that hurricanes hit the east coast more often than a huge, destructive earthquake strikes California (knock on wood).

I say I should win this argument, because I've lived in both places and obviously can compare the two. I also say Dan's last point is moot, because I lived in California for six years, and felt two earthquakes.  I lived in various states back east for a combined total of ten years, and have never been in a hurricane.  Tornadoes?  Tropical storms?  Very large and scary thunderstorms?  Yes, yes, and yes.  But I'd rather have a warning and a chance to evacuate/seek shelter than fall to my doom off a crumbling overpass.

Praying for my family and friends on the east coast.  Stay safe, and hopefully Irene won't do too much damage!

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