Friday, September 2, 2011

Pistachio Nut

I'm sorry we couldn't have breakfast before I left.
I hope that the meeting went well.
I miss your smile, and I miss your company.
I'm thinking of you on the train and I'm thinking about you when I'm busy.
I like you so much,
I like the jumpers you wear
I like your teeth
And I like when you cut your hair.

Getting drunk on Rose A,
Dark chocolate, roast dinners,
Number one would be indulgence,
Sending postcards, drawing pictures,
Always remembering.
Falling over, banging heads,
Holes in both our tights,
Bruises, both late,
I forget, but you always remember.

Perfume fresh,
Wooden floorboards,
Wardrobes, charity shops, and tube stops
Sisters, fights, tears and thoughts about the future.
But lets stick to the present
Like cello-tape wrapped up so tight.

I love thinking about you.
I've never laughed so hard,
Felt so good, like a child,
As free as a bird, a naked one.

Spray me with the hose when it's too hot in the summer
Sweaty, clammy hands.
Holding hands
So much crap in my bag.
Too many things, but we love keeping things:
Letters, pictures ripped out from magazines,
Photos, memories, broken bits of jewelry.
I'm convinced one day I will make this into something cool.

Makeup, dress-up
Tear and run down my face
Over my body, through my veins
Make my hair stand on ends
Give me goosebumps, confidence.
A secret, I feel safe and warm and I don't want to leave because
I'm back to when I was seven years old
Covered in glitter and smooth lines.

Scratch, jump, run, fall and we're back up.
Bread, I love eating bread.
I love when you draw something and it's not dead;
It moves off the page and round people's minds.
You make other people laugh,
But everything you do could make me cry.

I want to feel, be, live, breathe, touch, see, fall, eat
Make glue, rip, do, I want to be with you.
I haven't time for anybody else--
I want to move to our house in a field,
Just tell me when and I'll be there.
I'd drop everything for you;
You are my best friend.

I don't even have a boyfriend,
My mind is occupied,
My buzz is rocket high,
Above the moon and back again.
Who I love is you.
You are the most unpretentious,
The most fun, most exciting,
I want to spend most of my time with you
Because you are the most worthwhile,
You are the most clever, cute, and stupid,
Hungry, energetic, passionate, scared, interesting,
Like a film, made up person.

I want to drink cream, eat chocolate,
Get that nice surprise when the butter is unsalted,
Eat salt out of the packet,
Scream till I am blue in the face,
Meet French people, go to the pictures,
Show you my cobbled streets,
Meet everybody that you could ever meet,
Just so that they know that I am your best friend,
And that you belong to me.

Yes, I know you think she's cute and funny
But, actually she is not an I, she is a we.
A united nation of absolute nonsense,
A community, neighborhood watch
A fire station, a theme park, space, time and energy
Talent, beauty, my best friend.
They don't love you like I love you.

The End.
--Kate Nash.

This has been in my head the past few days.  I went through something of a Kate Nash obsession my sophomore year of college.  She was on repeat constantly in our apartment.  One of the three songs I know on guitar is hers.  I even cut my hair like her.  Her songs (and style) are awesome, but this poem is extra wonderful to me.  I hope everyone has a friend that immediately comes to mind when they read this.  I'm lucky enough to have a few.  Here's to kindred spirits.

P.S. I turn 22 in four days! 

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