Monday, September 12, 2011

America's Pastime!

If you didn't know, my husband is a huge sports fan.  Fan as in fanatical.  More like a sports maniac, really.  It's all part of his charm.  If you know me, I don't get too worked up about sports.  I like them alright.  I can't play them, they aren't my favorite thing to watch on TV, but they're ok.  I'm sure I'll sign up our children to play them, but I don't really have any teams in particular that I cheer for--with the exceptions of BYU...and the San Diego Padres.

I lived in San Diego for six years, and for some reason one of the lasting impressions it left on me was a love for their baseball team.  Dan, on the other hand is a die-hard Dodgers fan.  So guess which Dodgers game we went to this year?

Surprise!  A picture of me!
It was pretty fun, even though there was a really drunk guy a few rows in front of us that kept heckling the Padres outfielders.  He was obnoxious.  I did enjoy my Dodger dog though!  (On a side note that may result in some of my in-laws disowning me...I didn't really like the garlic fries.  They were too much.  Should have gone with the nachos...)

Our friend Tyler came with us (he's a big Dodgers fan too), and he and Dan both enjoyed the triumph over the Padres.  I say just wait.  My Padres will have their revenge!

This picture is included to show how close to the field we were.

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