Monday, October 3, 2011


This is my littlest brother, Jack.
He's making a weird face because he's nervous for his first day of preschool.
Jack is probably the funniest little kid ever.  As you read that statement, you're probably thinking, yes Lauren, but you're clearly biased since you're related to him.  Don't worry, I have a story that will help to prove my point.

Almost everytime I talk to my mom, she has a Jack story.  My personal favorite is this gem she told me last week.

Jack loves to have his hair gelled "up" (as seen in the above photo).  However, my mom normally keeps the hair gel out of his reach to prevent any unnecessary messes.  So imagine her surprise when one evening Jack came down the stairs, his hair goopy with sticky gel. 
Mother: "Jack, what is in your hair??"
J: "Gel!  I did it myself!"
M:"Ti (my other brother) did you leave the gel out???"
Ti: "No, I haven't even used it today."
M: "Jack, where did you get that gel from?"
J: "The toilet!!"

Yes, ladies and gentleman, Jack had determined that the little dispenser inside the toilet bowl was filled not with cleaning fluid, but hair gel.  So naturally he reached right in and scooped himself out a bit.

It's the stories like these that make me so excited for Baby Snow.


Autumn said...

I can't stop laughing. He's adorable.

Autumn said...

I just gave you an award on my blog :)

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that is hysterical.....and an old Babooshka quote that I feel fits this situation fairly well: "Poop is hysterical! The toilet is practically a comedy club!!"

Deidre said...

First of all congratulations on being pregnant!

Second of all - this is so funny and a little bit gross :)