Thursday, December 29, 2011

All I want for Christmas

is my two front teeth.  And a hippopotamus.  And to spend it with these people.
Jackson and "the" hotwheels!

Spicer and his stash from Santa.

How is she that cute in the morning?

Ti got some great comic book gear.
After the present opening bonanza, we had breakfast and hurried to get ready for church.  I actually really liked having church on Christmas.  It helped me keep in mind the reason why we're celebrating.  Heavenly Father and Christ love us all so much, and I could feel that love so close in my heart as I sat in the chapel.  Christmas is fun, but I love that there's a huge, wonderful, meaningful reason behind all the fun.  So even though I messed up big time on my duet in front of the whole congregation and started giggling like a school girl, I'm still glad we went.
Plus we all looked dang good.

And one with Daddy.
 Then the Carrs, young and old, sat down to a feast.  Thanks Mom and Dad for all the hard work! It really payed off!

The cute place settings!
The rest of the day was spent enjoying the wonderful gifts we received.
Spicer vs. Dan in chess.
Jack and "the" hot wheels.

Bronwyn was very spoiled this Christmas.  A new bed, and lots of new toys.  She was one happy puppy.
Can't wait for next time!


robertandsharon said...

Christmas is sooooo much fun!

Autumn said...

1) What kind of dog is that?

2) I don't giggle when I mess up. I almost which I did. I just stare blankly into the audience haha

Lauren said...

Autumn--She's an English Springer Spaniel. I would definitely recommend one as a pet. They are super cuddly, loyal, not too big or small, and full of fun. They can be pretty energetic puppies, but as long as you give them attention, they're pretty happy campers. It's the only kind of dog my family has ever had, and my mom had one growing up. I'm a fan, if you couldn't tell haha.