Tuesday, January 3, 2012

21 Days to Organization: Day 1

In honor of the New Year/trying to get my home put together before this baby arrives, I decided to take the 21 Days Challenge.  I'm pretty excited about this, I love it when things look neat.  (My mother is probably wishing I had that love when I was growing up...)

The first day of the challenge required me to clean out my junk drawer.  Here's the before shot:
Yikes!  You can't even tell what's in here, because there's too much.  I'll give you a run-down of what I found.  Old coupons, screws, nails, the charging cord to our GPS, an ice scraper, ziploc bags, tape measure, duct tape, our weekly meal planner, plastic silverware, little plastic treat bags, paper clips, and pens/pencils.  The thing is, most of this stuff was just thrown in here at random because I was too lazy to put it where it actually belongs.  Which will explain why the after picture is SO much less cluttered.
This is all I really needed in here, everything else either went in the trash or found a new home.  So much nicer, and so, so much easier to actually find what I need!

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