Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy December!

December quite literally blew in this year.  The night of November 31st, some really crazy winds started picking up about 11 or so.  I woke up around 3 in the morning (because I had to go pee like a crazy pregnant lady, naturally) and our windows were rattling in a rather ominous manner, so I looked outside to see what was going on.  It looked like the end of the world was happening right before my eyes.  Trees were bent over completely sideways, the wind was howling around the house...I decided the best thing to do was just go back to sleep and hope for the best.  When I woke up the next morning I thought maybe I had been magically transported back to Florida during hurricane season, because that is what our town looks like.

Here are some fun consequences of that storm: No traffic lights, huge trees blocking the roads, houses and cars smashed, no power, no work (for one day), and even more traffic than usual.  I went on a walk this morning with my friend Melissa to take pictures of some of the damage.  I wish I had been able to get out sooner and document this, because after two days to clean up, most of the big trees have been chopped up and hauled off.  But we still managed to find a few good Kodak moments (and a few good garage sales!)
This palm tree was one of many that lost its head.


For scale purposes.

So sweet.

Baby Landon slept through most of our walk!


And another.

Some debris.  We found some mysterious shingles in this pile, not sure where they came from.

More branches.
 Also, due to popular demand, here are a few pictures of my ever-growing belly:
25 weeks.

There's a baby the size of an eggplant in there!

Looking a little haggard because it's bedtime.

Special thanks to my photog, Danny!
I've been feeling great this second trimester.  Haven't been sick, full of energy, almost feel totally normal...except for the part where I eat everything in sight.  Oh wait, that's normal too.  What isn't normal is when I feel my little girl squirming around in my belly, but I still love it.  It's getting really exciting thinking I'll be a momma in 15 weeks!  ...And maybe a little nerve wracking. 


P.S. I just want to thank everyone for all the texts, e-mails, phone calls, hugs, messages, and comments I received regarding my last post.  You guys are wonderful friends, and I appreciate your sympathy and compassion towards me so much.  I'll always remember Ben, and I'll always love recounting our adventures, so don't be afraid to ask.  I haven't been moping about, I doubt that's how he would want me to mourn for him.  More importantly, I can't mourn for him like that, because I've had a constant reminder tapping on my shoulder the past week and a half that life goes on. The past week has been a roller coaster of emotion--one minute I'm smiling at the thought of that time we went to Walmart at 3 in the morning and played in the fat lady bras, the next I'm crying while driving home, because Nate Ruess just crooned a lyric through my stereo that was such quintessential Ben, I feel that hole in my heart start to ache again.  But you know, that's just one hole.  Maybe it will always be there, and maybe I'll always have moments where I cry for seemingly no reason.  But all around that hole are a million other pieces of my heart that have been touched by so many others (including you, if you're reading this).  It wouldn't be fair to let that hole take precedence over my family, my husband, my other kindred spirits, and my soon-to-be baby girl.  Ben will always be an important part of me, and I will remember him forever.  That hole will hurt, but I'm grateful for all the joy that the other little pieces of my heart bring me.  So, thank you, dear friend.


7carrs said...

Grandpa would say you look like a potato with toothpicks stuck in it :)
You are a cute little preggie woman. Love that you still wear my old Levi jacket with patches.
And glad you are ok from the storm- they even had pics in our paper this morning!

Jess said...

1.I have my nativity from acheivment days! I love it!
2. You are such an adorable pregnant lady! I love the belly!
3.Crazy storm! Oh my goodness, glad you are ok.

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

You look great!!! I'm glad you have been feeling good :)