Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

...Well, at least as much as it ever does in California. =]

We finally have a tree this year!  Thanks for the sale, Big Lots!

I'm pretty much in love with my framed Santa postcards.  Found those puppies for a bargain online.

Nativity we got for our wedding.

Nativity I earned in Achievement Days. 

Olive Wood Nativity Dan's Grandma and Grandpa Snow got for us in Israel!

Our "Experiences" Advent.  Each day has a new Christmas/winter related activity for us to do!

First ornament from our "Ornament Advent".  This one has all our memories from this year on it.
 This Christmas I've really been thinking about how I want Christmas to be for our kids.  I loved Christmas so much growing up (what kid doesn't?).  It wasn't just about the presents though.  I cherished the time with my family, and all the time spent making memories.  I love the traditions my family has, and I can't wait to share them with mine.  I've also been thinking of traditions of our own that we can start.  Dan has been teasing me a lot lately because I'm such a Pinterest addict, and I'm always trying new things I find on there...especially Christmas ideas.  I can't help it!  I just love Christmas traditions! I love them because they help us pull away from the often-times overly commercialized version of Christmas, and focus on the spirit of joy, gratitude, and goodwill that we are supposed to hold dear at this time of year.  And all the year, really.  Who doesn't want more of that?

Also, I'm really excited to see my family in a few weeks!


robertandsharon said...

Loved your Christmas decorations - you are beginning some wonderful traditions to add to the old ones you grew up with. I love the Christmas season and have always gone a little crazy with it - only because I love my family so much and love to see them happy! Have fun in N.C. Love you, The Grammie Girl

7carrs said...

We are Christmas Crazies!! Love your Santa Postcard frame- really cute idea. And men love to tease women about their ideas, traditions, etc- but secretly they love them too!
Can't wait to see you- and your pre Christmas package should arrive this week :)

Lisa said...

I super love those vintage postcards. Where did you get them?? Must know!! Love you lots Babooshka!