Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thai Thai

It's no secret my family loves Thai food.  My dad served a mission for our church in Thailand, and every time my family has moved, one of his first priorities has been to scout out the best Thai restaurant in the area.  Once my family finds a restaurant they like, they stick with it.  The owners of this place treat my family like their own.  Maybe it's because Jack is just too irresistible when he stumbles over the few Thai phrases he knows.  Or maybe it's because my family is huge and orders so much food/brings in friends all the time.  All I know is they gave us free dessert, so they are awesome in my book.  Plus the food was delicious.  I love Thai Thai!

Hope shows off her spicy Thai chile pepper!  Those little guys pack a punch!

Jack and my parents.

Ti.  One of the owners joked and said that this was his restaurant.

Spicer and Danny.

Jackson and his (free!) ice cream sundae.  Don't worry, we got a delicious (free!) dessert as well!

I like him lots.

Jack examining a Christmas treat.

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Lisa said...

That picture of Jack is hilarious.