Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today we drove out to the coast and visited Beaufort.  We enjoyed a seafood lunch and then headed across the street to check out the Maritime Museum--Blackbeard's ship sunk off the coast of Beaufort!  We also made sure to stop at the fudge shop and a few gift shops. What fun!

Ready for lunch!
This picture would make you think she didn't enjoy her shrimp, but she did.

Ti liked his as well.

Jack told the waitress, "Thank you so much for giving me this, it is so good!"  He only ate his fries, so he must have been referring to them.

Dad joined us a little late.  He had a business call...while he was on vacation.

Goofin' off at the museum.

I had my pirate face on.
The whole crew!  (Except for Dad, our photographer.)

Old house.

One of the two restaurants we tried to eat at that were closed for the season.

We found this great brick wall and decided to take a few "fashion blogger" pictures.

27 weeks! (I'll be 28 tomorrow!)

We're all excited for Baby Snow!!


Lyse said...

Baby Snow! Look at her, all gestating up. It looks like you guys had fun, but tell Danny to shave. He looks like a heathen.

7carrs said...

a pirate- he was blackbeard :)haha.

Autumn said...

Your family and baby bump are so cute!

robertandsharon said...

We went in that yellow house many years ago when you were about three years old...Cheryl and I had come out for a visit and that is one of the places we visited after our trip to Washington, D.C. and a couple of places in entertained us the entire time.

7carrs said...

we tried to get her to go dance in the square there like she did during that visit- no go :)