Friday, January 13, 2012

21 Days to Organization: Day 10

Today I tackled my "laundry room".  Since we're a poor student family, that currently consists of this box of stuff and a huge thing of laundry detergent.

Real classy with the barbecue label, huh?
And the insides...

I actually had a lot of fun with this assignment.  I made the cutest little signs you ever did see.

No more barbecue piggy! 
P.S. I realize I don't have kids yet, but that's soon to be remedied and from what I hear babies make a ton of laundry.

I love this one.
(Both signs were inspired by finds on Pinterest.  You can find them on my boards here and here.)


Autumn said...

You need to bring some of that nesting over to our apartment!

7carrs said...

haha- just noticed your box was Scott's BBQ sauce :) Karie and Becky nearly cleaned out the grocery shelf of it during their visit. 4 bottles a piece!