Friday, January 13, 2012


Here are two facts about myself.
I don't like fruit.  There are a few grand exceptions to this fact, but as a general rule fruit is a no-go.
I love ice cream.  It is my favorite.  Frozen treats in general just make me happy.

So here's to a marriage of something I love and something I hate to make something I really love: Banana "ice cream."

I'd pinned this idea a few months ago (read: last summer), and had yet to try it.  For some reason, tonight became the night.  This is the best idea ever!

Take some bananas.  Slice them up.  Freeze them.  Put them in your food processor.  

Mix until they transform into creamy goodness.  This is seriously the most magical moment I have ever had in my kitchen.  I don't know how the bananas go from grainy banana bits to whipped perfection, but it's amazing. 

Seriously, this is JUST bananas!!

Add peanut butter (or anything you want).  Mix it up.  

Top with crushed oreos (or whatever).  Enjoy.

The Lukers joined in on the fun!

(I used four frozen bananas and about two spoonfuls of peanut butter.  I would just guess on the amount of whatever flavoring you use to get it to how you want it.  We all really enjoyed this (except for baby Landon...) and will probably make it again.  Especially since it helps me get a much needed serving of fruit!)

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Autumn said...

That is seriously what I eat all of the time. I add a little bit of milk in it too. It's the best! I hadn't thought of putting things other than peanut butter in it though...genius!