Saturday, January 7, 2012

21 Days to Organization: Days2-5

I'm already a slacker, so I'll have to play a little catch-up.
Day 2 asked me to organize my computer desk.  Well, with our laptops the world is our computer desk.  We do have a cute little writing desk that I use sometimes, but it's already pretty organized. 
I can't say that the drawers look as good as the desk, but this challenge was very specific, stating that I was not to touch the drawers today, just the surface.  I tried to think of another surface in our house that desperately needed a hand.  Ta-da!  Our bathroom counter!
And After...

I even did Dan's side too!
Day 3 asked that I venture into my tupperware cupboard.  I found some long lost napkins!  Hurray!
 I love my tupperware, because it basically organizes itself.  I also keep all sorts of food storing items in here, and plastic/paper dishes and silverware.  Oh yeah, and my placemats and any extra Clorox wipes (I love Clorox wipes!!).
Day 4 was the linen closet.

I have a few more plans for that bottom shelf, and I plan on making my box of laundry stuff a little prettier.

Day 5 (today): under the kitchen sink.

I think I may be developing OCD.


robertandsharon said...

Watch out, you may be turning into your Grammie!

Renee (and Eric) said...

Did someone say nesting???

Lisa said...

I see the blanket from which the butt string originated!! (I think)