Thursday, January 5, 2012

A whole new year.

Dan and I spent New Year's Eve in Newbury Park--his mom's birthday is on New Year's Day!  Of course I'm a slacker and didn't get any pictures...oops!

We both had Monday off, so we stayed the extra day and decided to hike the hills behind Dan's house.  AND we got a chance to try out my fancy new camera lens I got for Christmas. 
Mary Jane could hear us whistling at her.  P.S. This is my new lens zoomed all the way in!

We made friends with a few bluebirds.

Dan is still getting the hang of my camera's's ok, there was one where I'm in focus, but I didn't give the camera much to work with...

The beach is on the other side of the mountains!
I've been reflecting on what my resolutions should be this year, and that really made me think about what I want to get out of life in the coming year.  I kept thinking about it, and really, I just want to enjoy it.  There is so much good happening in my life.  This year, I'll become a mom, my brother-in-law will return from his mission, Dan will reach his half-way point in dental school, and we have a family reunion in San Diego.  Plus, all the great stuff that is normally part of our lives.  Of course, there's negative that goes on as well, but why focus on that?  I think this year, my one goal is to take advantage of happiness.  Instead of listing my individual resolutions (trust me, I have those too), I think I'll just state my theme 2012.
Joie de Vivre

This was always one of my favorite phrases in French.  The enjoyment of life.  One of my favorite scriptures states that man is that he might have joy.  And so, I intend to find joy in my life, every single day.  Even the bad ones and the hard ones.

P.S. Turns out I'm not the only one with this idea for the new year.  Living the Abundant Life, President Thomas S. Monson.  What a great guy!

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Autumn said...

That's a wonderful goal :) I tend to be on the high strung side, but taking a break from school until fall is really helping out a lot.

I'm excited to see pictures of your baby when she is here with that new lens.

I also need to send your package off...