Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Luscious Lips, the ward-prayer special, and party lines.

For today's episode, I'd like to take you back to my years at BYU.  Winter Semester, 2009.  I was single and ready to mingle.  And so was my wing-woman, Katherine.  Some of our favorite boys to mingle with lived just down the hall.  Greg and Christian. These two were awesome.  One was British, extremely witty, played guitar, and had just the right amount of nerd.  The other was flirtatious, out-of-control, a gourmet chef, stylish...and he had the most luscious looking lips we had ever seen (and hopefully he doesn't ever read this, because that might be kind of awkward to hear about yourself).  Another way to describe Christian was written underneath his picture in our ward directory.  "This one is a stallion, and yet, with the bridle of love, we shall tame him!"  We may have been a little weird. 

Here is the thing about my favorite wing-woman.  She is about as flirty and saucy as they come, but she doesn't like to walk the walk as much as she talks the talk.  Christian's favorite hobby became trying to get her to walk the walk.  These are honestly some of my favorite memories in the world.  One Sunday evening, Greg and Christian decided we should all play poker.  Since we were all broke college students (and Mormon), we couldn't gamble any money.  So creative ideas were substituted.  Trips to Coldstone, shoulder rub, and "the ward-prayer special".  [If you've never been to BYU, ward prayer usually occurs every Sunday evening.  The whole ward is invited to come join in prayer, socialize, enjoy treats, a spiritual thought, etc.  Also, as in any singles ward, it's an opportunity to scope out the babes, and get the update on who is seeing who.]  The ward prayer special came about because Christian's favorite things to lay out on the table always had to do with Katherine doling out affection upon him in public: hand holding for at least five minutes, a hug that lasted longer than five seconds, and, when he was feeling really cheeky, a kiss on the cheek.  The ward prayer special included all of the above, in the ultimate combo deal of lovin'. I'm not sure that Katherine ever agreed to any of these, but it was always fun to try and call her bluff with "the ward prayer special."

Another favorite moment was Katherine's birthday surprise.
"I didn't know how else to wrap my heart."
I guess Katherine was taking too long to unwrap him, because Christian busted out of his wrappings and pounced on her about five seconds after this photo was taken. 

So what prompted all the Christian-harassing-Katherine memories?  Aside from her birthday this week, probably finding these precious love notes from Sunday School while organizing:
 For those unfamiliar with the "chastity line," it marked where the hall to the bedrooms began.  Under the BYU honor code, that section of the apartment was off limits to members of the opposite sex.  I think I enjoy Christian's reinterpretation of it as "The Party Line."

Isn't college fun?  Sometimes I miss it.  Then I remember the school part, and don't as much.


Autumn said...

I can't stop laughing. I had Devin read this and we kept reading it over and over and laughing. That probably makes us the weirdos!

I will happily live vicariously through your roommate experiences mine were psycho!!! I had a hoarder, several roommates who were clinically depressed and needed help, and then the honor code violations over the years my roommates stacked up haha. I can laugh about it now, but I could never talk about those experiences on my blog haha

robertandsharon said...

I love's no wonder that Christian was after her! She's so special! It's always fun to look back on college days and our silly antics - yes, I had them, too...even if I am OLD now!