Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: Big Sister of the Year Award, 2007

My youngest brother is adopted.  He's also 17 years younger than me.  But golly, is he cute.  A month after he joined our family, I left for college.  Since he was still a baby, he got to come with my parents to Utah to drop me off at good ol' BYU.  And then this video happened.

Baby Jack was so thirsty, but we didn't have any formula for him...and for some reason no one thought to put water in his sippy cup.  Someone did have a Diet Coke though, and naturally that made the most sense to give to an 11 month old.  Naturally.  (Sorry the video is sideways, I'm technically challenged and don't know how to fix that.)

My favorite is my Grampie saying in the background, "Jack, it is an acquired taste."  I think he acquired it, because he definitely loves his soda these days.

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7carrs said...

oh thanks for showing what a great parent I am!