Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gobble Gobble

 Dan comes from a family of bowlers.  I like to bowl, but saying that I'm not very good is a bit of an understatement.  I've never broken a hundred, and I learned yesterday that I've been gripping the ball wrong my entire life.  Who knew there was a specific way to hold a bowling ball?  Not me. 

Dan had the day off from school yesterday (a rare occurrence!), so we went down to the bowling alley for a couple of hours.  It was kind of fun, because we were the only people in there aside from a senior league.  (They were all better than me, but that's just because they've had years of practice, right?)

This is my sad face because I got a gutter ball and missed my spare.

London wasn't too interested in bowling, so she slept the whole time.

Whereas Dan gets a couple strikes a game, it's a big deal when I get one...and when I do, this happens. See how I make the "X" symbol for a strike with my body?  I obviously should have been a cheerleader.

One other fun tidbit I learned about bowling yesterday?  If you get three strikes in a row, it's called a turkey.  Guess who got the only turkey of the day?  I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Dan.

That's right, it was this girl!  This is my best score ever!  It gives me hope that even if I never beat my husband, at least some day I might break a hundred!!


Autumn said...

and now I know that three in a row is called a turkey. Good job! :)

SupaFlowaPowa said...

I'm not sure what's more impressive, that you got THREE turkeys in the last frame or that you still couldn't break 100 with the three turkeys. LOL - hilarious but sooo awesome too!!! Don't worry - you'll get there, part of it is just knowing how to use the wrist so you don't get gutter balls everytime. Good luck - we love bowling!!!

Lisa said...

Wow a turkey! Nice job, I've never gotten one. My Dan has a turkey shirt from the byu bowling alley haha. May I inquire as to why you are "W" on the screen? Haha

Lauren said...

Daisy- I know, I've got mad skills! I can also hit each corner pin and nothing else.

Lisa- Dan put me in as Wo-wo. Family nickname, haha. Also, I think I need a BYU turkey shirt now!

7carrs said...

good job! Maybe we will go bowling soon :)I remember when I finally hit 100. The best was bowling pregnant once with Dad's work colleagues. I ended up just granny bowling- too awkward with the big belly.