Monday, June 4, 2012

June Fitness Challenge: Week 1

This month, I decided to do a fitness challenge with some girls at church.  The goal is to work out every day (except Sunday) for at least 20 minutes.  I thought I'd post some stats and pictures here for a little accountability.  And also state my personal goals just so I have a little direction.

My current weight is 136 pounds.  That's one pound more than my pre-pregnancy weight, but I feel like my weight has been redistributed since I gave birth.  Also, I weighed a little bit more than I should have when I got pregnant, so one of my goals is to drop to 125 (although that will probably take longer than a month).

This mirror is like fun house mirror--it makes me look skinnier than I am, so don't be fooled.

My other goal is to get rid of the jiggles around my middle, especially those pesky love handles. 

My last and most important goal is to simply be in shape.  I want to be that mom that can run around the park with her kids and keep up.  I want to have the energy and the ability to have fun with my children, and honestly, right now I probably don't.  So this is more for London than for me to look good in my swim suit.  Although looking good in a swim suit would be an added bonus...

I'm so blessed to have this wonderful body.  It's been through a lot in the last few months and done such miraculous things I never thought it capable of.  The least I can do is take care of it and set an example for my daughter.  So here goes. 

P.S. Feel free to join in.


SupaFlowaPowa said...

oh how fun!!! I'm bummed I don't get to be there for this - it's always fun to have a goal with other people involved each pushing each other, best of luck! I have found that the jiggle never ceases to disappear.

Autumn said...

I need to get back to this too! You are brave- I have always been too afraid to put my weight on my blog.

Do you have a medium or large build? My goal is to get to your size/weight again.

7carrs said...

you go girl!

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Oh my gosh Lauren you look amazing!!! I'm walking for the fitness challenge... lame! haha :) Cannot believe how big baby girl is already... too cute!!