Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's really hard for me to keep a secret.  Especially when it's something I'm super excited about.  So it's really an impressive feat that I've been able to pull off the greatest surprise visit in the history of ever. 

Yesterday we got on a plane and flew to visit my family in North Carolina for my sister's high school graduation.  One catch--my siblings had no idea we were coming.  None of them have had the chance to meet London yet, and they didn't think they'd get to until our family reunion next month.

I was kind of worried that they already knew and just hadn't said anything.  My dad had slipped up a few times saying things about London visiting in June, and my brother had intercepted a text I sent my mother about whether or not to bring diapers on the trip.  But we decided to carry on with our covert tactics, despite any suspicions they might have had. 

My mom and grandma left the house at 9 and told the kids they were leaving to run errands.  In actuality, they were driving to the airport to pick us up!  Once we got home, we put London in the trunk of the suburban with our suitcases, while Dan and I hid in the back seat.  Mom went inside and told the kids that they needed help unloading groceries from the trunk.  The kids were SO annoyed and were dragging their feet.  Then they opened the trunk and were...dumbstruck.  When they finally found their words it was a chorus of, "Wait, who's baby is this?" and "What is going on???"

When Dan and I jumped out of the back and yelled, "SURPRISE,"  they all started screaming like little girls!  They had no clue we were coming...mission accomplished!

So excited to finally meet their niece!
P.S.  London was practically perfect on the airplane.  Lucky break for us!  And for the people sitting near us... Also, I need a better (bigger) nursing cover.  Any suggestions?  Cuz I'd prefer not to nearly flash people on the airplane.  Just my personal feelings on the subject.


Jess said...

Il have to find the link. I wish I still had mine I would just send it to you. But the have ones that all full on wrap arounds. Almost like a wrap... I loved it because it covers you from all sides.

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Aw!! What a cool idea!!! I bet your family was SO happy to see you guys!! I'm not sure what you're using but I've heard good things about the Bebe Au Lait covers (just the online reviews)

SupaFlowaPowa said...

SOOO FUN! I'm very impressed and inspired! As for boob covers, one trick I learned down the rode was to tuck the cover under the arm that the baby's head rests on - this way, no matter what, the cover does not get lifted (when the head raises, the cover goes with it but still under your arm). It helped me a lot - I just had a free udder cover. Love when babies just sleep and are easy on flights - it's always nerve wrecking!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the tips everyone!! I'll definitely be checking out those options, and trying that trick, Daisy!

Lisa said...

That is so fun!! That would be the best surprise ever haha.