Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Belong in the Zoo

We took a fun trip to the Asheboro Zoo with my family, which included lots of animals and antics.

Just FYI...

Mommy got this great shot, and the one below.  (Editing by yours truly.)


She was preggers.

 We found some giant Ostrich eggs.  So naturally, this had to happen...

They're red from rolling in the red North Carolina clay.

The elephants are my favorite!

Jack prefers the dung beetles...
Dino roar!

I love my siblings!  I'm sure we embarrass our mother whenever we're all out in public, but we sure have fun!


7carrs said...

no more than I embarass you :)

robertandsharon said...

Your mother used to embarrass Cheryl all the time when we were out shopping - she danced her way thru life in stores or wherever she found you are no crazier than her!