Monday, June 11, 2012


We were able to make a trip to the State Farmer's Market last week.  I had to get myself some North Carolina pecans.  Or as my relatives like to call them, PEE-cans.  Growing up, my Grandpa Carr had some big pecan trees in his yard, and we almost always came home with some after visiting.  Unfortunately, a hurricane blew them over, but I still feel the need to get my fill of pee-cans while I'm in North Carolina.  The closest thing to Grandpa's pecans, are farmer's market pecans.  Plus it's always fun to get a little southern culture at the farmer's market.  Accents, samples, string beans, nostalgic candy, fresh baked goods, and manners as sweet as can be.  Dan can't take the humidity here, but I love this place with all my heart.

Jack trying to pick a soda flavor...

I wasn't brave enough to try Prickly Pear

So many flavors of jam and preserves!

Would y'all care for some chow chow?

Pretty sure these would taste disgusting, but they look pretty!

Jack enjoys an orange soda...

So many berries!  We got some blackberries and made a yummy pie with them.

Tasty tomatoes--including some green ones for frying!

Jack wasn't quite sure what to think about the yellow squash.

Jack is so glad to be an uncle, he always wants to sit next to London and sing her a lullaby!
And I'm already enjoying those pee-cans.


SupaFlowaPowa said...

oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! I, like Dan, cannot stand humidity - but for a farmer's market like that - well that looks just splendid. I especially love the canned jams!

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Farmer's markets are the best! Looks like you guys are having fun!! :)

Daniel said...

That looks so fun. So cute the Jack wants to sing to London! Haha love it.

Daniel said...

Sorry this is Lisa...apparently I'm signed in with my husband's google account.