Monday, July 9, 2012


Vacation starts at 4:30 AM tomorrow.  I. Am. Pumped.  Even though I will probably get stuck in traffic, despite leaving so early.  Disneyland is worth it.  Oh, and seeing my family is an added bonus too, I guess...=)

Here are some pictures from life since North Carolina.

 A couple pictures from our trip to the San Diego Safari Park...

Gorilla baby.
Gazelle baby.
Giraffe baby.

Human baby!
Raspberry Jello Pie

Hangin' out in our jammie jams...

Cute as a button.
 London does all kinds of tricks now, including but not limited to:
rolling over
grabbing everything (especially my hair!)
kicking her mobile on the playmat pictured above
sucking her fingers (and thumb when she can find it)

She can't wait to show off for all the family this week.  Now I just need to finish packing so the fun can begin!

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SupaFlowaPowa said...

cliche as it is - oh my goodness, she has grown so much! how quickly they grow!! I love me some Disneyland - have fun!!!