Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Again

We spent the last week at a family reunion in San Diego.  It was filled with roller coasters, lots of cousins, bingo, animals, too-much-food, early mornings and later nights, laughter, fond memories (remembered from the past and new ones made), so many pictures, baseball, and the beach.

My mom's side of the family spends a whole week together every other year.  The location is different every time, but San Diego has a special place in our hearts, since my mom and her siblings grew up there, and at one point most of us lived in Southern California.  Even Dan has lived in San Diego!  After spending a week in the near-perfect weather, I think we're all wondering why we ever left...

Our first stop was...The San Diego Zoo.  It seems like I've been going to a whole lot of zoos lately.  I guess that means I have the experience to back up the statement that San Diego's is the best.  But I already knew that.

 I finally got to meet little Lydia!  She's even cuter in person!

View from the Zoo's skyride.

London's romper is a little bunched up here...

My cousin J.R  He's always loved turtles.

These two are going to be roomies this Fall!  They grow up so fast!

Jack got a new book.

I just love the picture above.  Candid shot of my grandparents.  That's 50 years of marriage right there!  Speaking of 50 years, we may have had a surprise party (or should I say FIESTA!) at one of our favorite San Diegan restaurants, La Pinata!


Jack got his very own serenade!
The happy couple.

Congratulations, Grammie and Grampie!  You two are an inspiration to us all, hard-working, committed, generous, faithful, loving, and the best grandparents I could ever ask for.  I love you guys, and thanks so much for the fun week!


robertandsharon said...

You are so was just as much fun for us as for all of you. We love having our entire family gather to build great memories and renew the cousins love for one another. It is always worth every penny! ;-)

Autumn said...

They are so cute and the way they argue really cracks me up. I love that candid shot!