Friday, July 20, 2012

Feel the Rush.

There was this ride at SeaWorld, and every time a coaster took off, they would say, "Manta: ride the ride; feel the rush!"  It was kind of cheesy, so my siblings and I yelled, "No, we won't feel it!  You can't make us!!"  (As a side note, that ride was pretty fun, so maybe I did feel the rush.)  Seaworld is always fun though.  When I was a kid, I loved it so much that I actually wanted to be a marine biologist and work with Shamu.  Funny how our interests change.

I'm a polar bear!
Shark tunnel.  Kind of creepy.

Grammie helping London check out some starfish.

Hope and Jack holding a starfish.

Cousins and Uncle Mike at the Dolphin Encounter.

Our dolphin friend!

As fun as all the shows and rides are at Seaworld, my favorite is how much you are able to interact with the animals.  I mean, you can feed the sting rays!  As gross as that squishy squid food is, and as slimy as the rays are, that's still pretty cool, right?

Love this bunch!


robertandsharon said...

so much fun! and I miss everyone now that our reunion is over!

Autumn said...

We've never been there, but we should definitely stick it on our list! My parents are probably lucky they didn't take me there as a kid because I am super obsessive over animals and I would have wanted a pet whale or something.