Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: Six months of Mommyhood Edition

My baby is officially half a year old.  She sits up all by herself and has excellent posture!  She's a regular little rolly-polly.  She has four incredibly sharp teeth.  She grins and laughs with me (or is at me?) all day long.  Everyone is a friend and she'll always show her little bashful smile to anyone who gives her the slightest attention.  She's beginning to show her true colors as a momma's girl, but hopefully she learns soon that Daddy is a pretty cool guy too.  And it's OK to snuggle with him when life isn't the greatest and Mom's busy doing dishes and the like.

I love it when I come into her room to get her up in the morning, or even just from a nap, and she looks up at me through those thick lashes with her big, blue eyes as a grin spreads across her little face.  I love it even more when she gasps with delight as I pick her up, burrowing into my shoulder, babbling away about I don't even know what, but it's so happy and I know that even though she doesn't have words for it, she loves me.

I love it when she is playing in her bouncer and get so excited because she pressed a button and a song started playing that she actually starts bouncing as high as she can.

I love those quiet moments when I am rocking her before bedtime, singing lullabyes and she starts to "sing" with me, even as her eyes start to droop. 

Mostly, I just love this little girl.  It's so cliche and every mother in the history of the world has said this, but she is growing so fast.  For reals,  I feel like I just came home with this teeny baby that I had no idea how to care for, and now I am cuddling with this still sweet, but much larger baby that is growing out of my lap.  But even as I say that, it is hard to remember not being a mom.  Life now is so different from pre-London life.  It's harder, there's a lot less sleep, and a lot less me-time.  But there's so many more giggles, more snuggling, more remembering the simple (and important!) things, and so, so, so much more joy.

This is about when we decided she'd outgrown the play mat...

 Scared face and 4th of July scared face.


Cool new toy! (Thanks for the hand-me-down, Landon!)
Watching Anastasia is fun, Mom, but I'm pooped.

Fun at Cafe Rio after the beach.

Grandma Carrie's couch is so comfy...

First Road Trip!

What do you mean, I shouldn't roll around the floor at Church?


That was the best lunch ever!

Playing with my BFF, Avonlea!
My Peruvian hat!
Church is the best time for a nap.
We love laundry day, right Mom??
Awake past our bedtime.  But still cute!
All this rolling around is wearing me out.  I think I'll take a nap here.
  [All pictures taken between 3-6 months, using my cell phone.]


brighton said...

She's so cute! Makes me excited to be a mom someday. Miss you, Lauren!

7carrs said...

can't believe it! I think she needs to come see her Mimi and Papa!