Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Where else do you say goodbye to summer, but the pool?  Our friend's parents invited a bunch of us to their home for swimming and a barbecue.  Their pool is the stuff dreams are made of, by the way!  It's simply gorgeous.  The whole yard was incredible, actually.

As awesome as the pool was, London was more interested in the trampoline and the cutest puppy in the world.  That's not even an exaggeration.  Dan hates dogs.  He thinks we're never getting one.  But even he admitted that this was one cute puppy.

I'm pretty sure your heart just melted.  How could it not??  Sweetness personified.  Or dogified.

Even if Saturday marked the first "official" day of Fall, this is southern California, so I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze a few more days like this out of the year.

All pictures from my phone, sorry if the quality isn't that great.


Autumn said...

I grew up in a family that humanized pets. Devin grew up in a family that simply had a dog. Not sure if that makes sense?

I love little beagles. My parents have one that someone dumped at their house. He is so cheerful and is such a love bug.

Also, who in your family does London look like? I have been trying to figure that out.

robertandsharon said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And I sure have a beautiful great-granddaughter! Lucky me....

7carrs said...

she looks a lot like Lauren and Hope did as babies- just no red hair.(Hope was strawberry as a baby)
She is pretty darn cute. And that is one cool pool- reminds me of the Hixon's in Texas.