Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Landon Luker!

Our friends' little boy Landon had his first birthday party yesterday!  We love Landers, which is good since he IS London's future husband after all!  (I mean, come on.  Landon and London Luker?? We couldn't have planned it better!) Happy Birthday, little guy!



So fun!  Thanks for having a birthday, Landon!  (And thanks Melissa for your pro-party-planning skills!)

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Andy Phillips said...

oh my heavens - is he really one already?! I forget that everyone else's kid also keeps growing. YIKES! I cant' believe it - I still remember him as a squishy tiny baby! That party is sooo cute - you'll have to let Melissa know she did an awesome job and what a cute theme! Too bad she doesn't blog anymore otherwise I could tell her, haha. cute future hubby London!