Monday, September 17, 2012


That's what we have around these parts.  Not many things can pull more at my heart strings than a sniffly London.  I am just crossing my fingers that I don't catch this mean cold after snuggling up with these sickies the past few days.

This was London's first reaction to carrots.  In the last photo it looks like she's yawning...but really, she is gagging because she really needed to get her point across on just HOW disgusting she actually found them.  I tried mixing them with some banana (her favorite), but she started crying after a few bites of that concoction.  I guess she was sad that I defiled the banana with carrots.  We gave up on dinner after that.  I have hope though, because she used to hate avocados with a passion, but she had some this weekend and it was like no big deal.  She even wanted more.  So victory to me!  It's the little things.

And to show you that I don't just torture my baby with vegetables, here are some pictures of London's first time in a swing at the park.  Look that those grins!  

Thanks to her new teeth (four now!) everything is a chew toy.  Even nasty park swings.  No matter how many times Mommy tries to ruin the fun.


Lisa said...

I love this so much! You seriously have the prettiest baby ever!

7carrs said...

She is so cute! You should see the pics we took of you trying certain foods:)

Jessica said...

Lauren, she is absolutely adorable. And I'm not just saying that--she is a seriously good-looking baby! I love all the pictures.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

boo for sniffles! hopefully it's just related to teething hehe i can't believe how big she is now!