Thursday, October 25, 2012

A trip to The Punkin Patch

Fall is my favorite season...but is it just me, or do these pictures look like we went to visit the pumpkin patch in mid-July?  Ohhhh So-Cal.  I love you, but I'm looking foward to our North Carolina trip in a few weeks.

Even if it is still almost 80 degrees every afternoon, we had a super fun time wandering through a corn maze and checking out some farm animals.  My personal favorites were the fashion forward chickens, our turkey friend, and Zippy the very high maintenance/demanding/hungry miniature horse.  Special thanks to Grandma Carrie for the fun afternoon (and the cookies!)

Aren't London's little boots so precious?? They're from the Baby Gap.  And I bought that tutu before she was born.  I've been impatiently waiting until she was finally big enough to wear it!  London was so very fashion forward on our little outing.  Too bad you couldn't really tell, since she spent most of the time in her carrier.

Tractors are much cooler than cameras!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Is that at Underwood Family Farms? London does look so hip and trendy :) Hopefully it'll start to cool off soon!

Autumn said...

She is such a pretty baby!

Also, your hair is really long now. I like how you fixed it in these pictures. You must have pulled out the hair straightener!

...and if you measure how long the elastic is in London's baby headbands I can send her some more fashion forward things to wear out :)