Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy Bees!

After my freshman year of college, I came home for the entire summer.  My expectations at the start were high: I would get an awesome desk job as a receptionist of some sort.  I wouldn't have to worry about homework, tests, or bi-polar boys.  I would hang out with my bff's from high school every night.  ...The reality was a little different:  after two months I finally gave in and got my old job at a pizza joint I worked at in high school, and although I no longer had homework or tests, bi-polar boys seemed to populate my near vicinity, no matter the state.  And while I did hang out with my best friend in the entire world (once she was out of the hospital after a scary tumor incident...), nobody else in our group of friends seemed to have time for us.  One night we complained about this to my father: "Dad, all our friends hate us! We don't even have any friends except each other!"  My father, ever the joke-ster, replied, "Well, that's because you guys are LOSAHS!!" Thanks, Dad. 

This reality was in stark contrast to my high school days, when my dad's refrain to me used to be, "So many social engagements, so little time!"

Thankfully, my life has once again cycled out of my "loser" phase, and we're now back to the social engagements galore phase!  Isn't life grand? 
We went to Disney again!

It was so hot this last week, we hit up the beach. 
I tried on my bridesmaids dress for my BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING!  (My fellow loser from the above story.  Side note: my dress won't be black, it's more of a purple color.)

Speaking of weddings, this weekend we went to my friend Tara's wedding reception!  We used to work together and she replaced me at my old job at RBJ Software.  Isn't she gorgeous??
 With all the fun out and about, sometimes it's nice to just hang out at home as a family.

Our future golfer!  And ballet dancer/singer/mult-talented and well-rounded child!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

California - specifically South Pasadena - is such a wonderful place to live! I love our ward and all the friends that automatically come with it. I'm thinking a Disneyland trip is in order next week - perhaps on Halloween morning?? :)

Autumn said...

I never went home for the summer because everyone else had moved off too.

I've definitely felt like I was in the loosah phase since we moved here and I'm just starting to get out of it. My problem isn't bi-polar boys here, but having people view me as a friend instead a babysitter (we're 1 out of 3 couples in our ward without children).

I'm grateful things are picking up for me...and for me too haha.

London is so cute :)