Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Whole Years

Dan keeps teasing me saying these have been the longest three years of his life.  But it's kind of true, I'm beginning to have a hard time remembering life without him.  Or even who I was before I became Mrs. Snow.

My wedding day felt so surreal.  I was so nervous and happy and excited.  The ceremony itself really wasn't that long.  I felt like it was over so moment went by, and then all of sudden my very identity had changed.  I was a married woman.  I had a husband.  My name wasn't even the same, and sometimes after writing my new name down I wondered who this Lauren Snow was and what she was like.

Dear intimidated newlywed, let me tell you a few things about Lauren Snow:
Her life isn't perfect, and she doesn't have it all together.  But that's ok.  Just because you're a wife, doesn't mean you have to be June Cleaver.
She loves being a mother.
She is happy.
She is in love.  Even more than she was three years ago.  (This was the right choice, no doubt about it.)

Happy Anniversary to us!


7carrs said...

Old married couple, haha! So proud of your decision to marry Dan! He is the man! And you are the cutest little wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend I know! You amaze me!

robertandsharon said...

You are an adorable little family and I can't imagine life without all three of absolutely made the right choice and it only gets better each year! Take it from one who knows!

Autumn said...

I agree with Dan. It is weird that we have only been married for two years, but yet it really seems like it has been my whole life. My parents and the family who became Devin's Mormon family after he joined the church in high school were there. Then the room was just full of friends. It was a great feeling having the people who helped Devin join the church be our family.

I love your wedding photos.