Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 Snow is so magical when you don't have to live in it!  I remember when we lived in Utah, I groaned every time it started to snow.  Because to me those little flakes falling softly meant icicles in my still-wet hair.  They meant sloshing through slush on my way to class, soaking through my boots and drenching my socks.  They meant slipping and sliding on the ice once the snow froze over, and falling on my butt in front of so many people.  They mostly meant it was still cold and dark outside, that all was dead and winter was still here.

But like I said, I don't live in the snow anymore.  Snow can be like fairy dust again, turning the world into a beautiful, clean white.  Snow means sledding, and snowboarding, and snow angels.  Snow ball fights and hot chocolate.  It's that pleasant crunching sound under my boot, as I make fresh footprints.  It means I have the time to stop and try to catch flakes on my tongue, that I get to pull out all the cute winter clothes I took for granted when I lived in Utah.  Also, snow usually means Christmas.  And I am all about Christmas.

I was so excited to take London sledding!  She was kind of indifferent to the whole ordeal.  She wasn't crying, but she wasn't smiling or laughing either.  It was a little windy, and I think she was mostly just trying to figure out why it was so gosh-durned cold!  I couldn't get enough of her red little cheeks and nose. 

London doesn't have a cute baby snowsuit.  You don't often need one of those too often in LA, so to compensate, I layered her in the warmest clothes she had.  You know the scene in a movie A Christmas Story, when Ralphie's mom is dressing his little brother to walk to school?  We went with that philosophy when dressing London for her first sledding experience.  More is more!

Maybe she will enjoy it more next year?


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Where are you guys?

I love London's face in all the pictures :)

robertandsharon said...

She looked so cute and bewildered. And I am sure she will love it more next year and the next and etc. Especially when she learns to ski with her family!

Lauren said...

Paige--we were up in Utah and Dan's grandparents' cabin. =)

Grammie--I can't wait to get her on the slopes!

7carrs said...

sorta like how much you liked skiing at first, haha. Remember when Hope experienced snow the first time? she kept referring to it as "eww"- which was what she called poop!
Wish we could have been there to play with you all.